GTP- Web Development Training & Internship Program
Create next-generation websites with our curriculum of hands-on GTP Web Development courses

For First time in Odisha, GTP introduces the Web Development training with 100% Job Opportunity. As we have huge demand for our Web Development Services with Secure Strategy but we can't able to grab good & talented students fit into our web developers. so we launched our Web Development Training through which we can spread the knowledge starts from HTML to PHP with all the knowledge to make an awesome websites with secure development concepts. after that our students will get free intern-ship program to practise their knowledge with live demonstrations. Students will learn to develop their own skills to enhance their future. During the Intern-ship period we are offering scholarships and students will get two certifications from us. one is for training & another is for intern-ship. after the completion of their Intern-ship, they will get 100% Job Opportunity in our company. This Concept gives the proper utilisation of web technology by developing new employees to grow employment sector with our demand base in Odisha. We also have tie-up with other companies, as our students will get Job there as per their performance.

GTP offers to sharpen young talents for enhancement of our business.
Our Web Development Training Model influences Our Students to learn & to Implement Skills to our Innovative In - House Businesses & for our Client's Projects in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Our Web Development Training basically
works on two simple principles:

  • Developing the working principles what we are looking in our employees, by providing all the knowledge source with smart implementations to our students to make them our employees.

  • We are not providing our training for business purpose. It's only for to enhance young talents & to empower the employment sector in Bhubaneswar with the source to innovate.

At GTP we believe that, in the world of technology, If we are searching
for experienced employees then what will be for freshers ?
GTP is here to convert Fresher's Talents to Skills

We are hiring freshers & optimise their Web Technology Knowledge through
GTP Training cum Internship Program with 100% Job Opportunities

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Have a look, what Programming Languages we are offering
in our GTP - Web Development Training Program

  • HTML
    Starts from XHTML to HTML5, Everything for the Frontend Will be provided thorough our training.

  • CSS
    Starts from CSS to CSS3, Everything for Style Designing will be provided through our training.

  • Java Script
    We are providing JS which is commonly used for client side scripting to control web pages on the client side of the browser.

  • PHP
    PHP is the server-side scripting language will be taught to do Dynamic Development work.

  • MySQL
    MySQL is a Database system used on the web,will be taught to manage the Database.

Now have a look how our Web Development Training can benefit you?

  • It will enhance“Web Technology Experience to our students.

  • It will Optimize your “Web TechnologyKnowledge.

  • It will help you to achieve “Bright Career Path”through GTP

  • It will help you toLearn & Earn ”By Getting Job.

  • Create Innovative “Web Implementationsfor In-House Business Operated by GTP.

Want to experience the benefits of
GTP - Web Development Training ?

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After Huge Achievements of our Company, We just launched Our Web Development Training Program in Bhubaneswar,
to enhance our own productivity & innovative web projects.
we use the most effective & smart methods of learning Processes.

Don't let your career in the hands of immature Web Development Training Provider.
Join Our Web Development Training & Learn the Way to be the next Web Developer.
Get Job Opportunity to empower the young talents through us.

Take the advantage of our training program
and Be the Next Web Developer

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Three Basic Steps which make you the Pro Web Developer !

  • 1 Learning
    From GTP
  • 2 Internship
    From GTP
  • 3 Get Job
    In GTP

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