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Why Partner with GTP?

Global Tech Promoters has been one of the best IT Services & Training provider with an experienced team of experts to the clients.

Over the years, we have developed partnership with various web service providers; whether it is web design firms, digital marketing agencies, or software development companies, we have worked to the best of our abilities and always received positive feedback. We can offer custom business partnership schemes to you if you have specific need. Business collaboration with us can create to phase out various opportunities for partners - business development, product line diversification, costs reduction etc. We look forward to extending and sustaining our strategic partnership with those who are at the forefront of technology, with research institutes and leaders in industry, and with those who are ready to meet industry-driven challenges along with us. We assure our partners to become the most upcoming brand in the sector of IT.

GTP is known for its competitive yet affordable business solutions and you get to add to your array of services. You can also leverage upon our platform, brand name and customer base to increase visibility of your services. GTP has drafted its Partnership Programs to build stronger relationships with those in this industry. Maintaining effective relationships and mutually beneficial tie ups with our business partners is our one of the major business goal. We build partnerships based on a common vision, mutual trust, professional integrity, and ongoing mutual understanding. Therefore, partners of GTP have more profit gaining flexibility in this cutting edge IT sectors. We deal in a professional manner to meet the success for the both sides. Business Partnership to deliver more value towards productivity with collaboration.

Here is a brief about the 4 partnership programs offered by Global Tech Promoters

Growth Partnership For those who have a skilled sales team but not the expertise to develop web solutions

This program is best suited for those who have an established brand name and a competent sales team to generate leads, but do not wish to invest in a technical and design department. We can be your outsourcing partners and take care of delivering the final product and still stay anonymous. Through which the growth will establish to your business and also gain the market with your own approach. The price chart and project dealing will be your responsibility. Billing and ownership of account will be in your name.

Franchise Partnership Under this program, you promote our brand name and services under your local domain

Team GTP is concerned to spread the technology with many services to the clients as we are company who deals with all type of IT Solutions at one place. So to take forward this name to your local customers through partnership. Market and sell our services under the brand name GTP and take advantage of our extensive expertise to build instant credibility. This option is best suitable for those who have a marketing, design and development team but as we have more and IT Security services we can work co-operatively, this lack can give you brand recognition that we have.

Referral Partnership You send us a lead and if it converts, you get a share in the earnings

This program is suitable to those companies which have a strong professional network and wish to forward mature leads to GTP. You might or might not be from the web industry to be our referral partner. All you need to do is by providing us references and we will take care of the rest; and you get a section of the profit earned from those clients. This Partnership will grow our Company & We make our Business with great margin.

Country wise PartnershipGlobal Tech Promoters is the solution to all need of IT Services from any aspect.

We want to spread this all in one solution in all over the world so through this country wise partnership, we will grow to the height by giving A to Z services of IT to other country also. Any companies present in any country want to serve all in one services at one place, should go through this partnership to row with better prospectives. GTP is interested in forming and spreading this brand name with made in India approach by the partnership of other companies at other country, through this also we can innovate some innovative approach and web from to start a new startup with great concepts in the world. From this country wise partnership, Global Tech Promoters will lead the position in the IT Sector in India & spread in US, UK, Dubai, Qatar, Australia, Canada, all over the world.

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