GTP - Website Redesign Service Provider ReBRAND. ReDESIGN. Website Redesign is MORE than just tweaks.

Is Your Website a Good Online Representative for your Business? Is it Work ?

GTP team, with its experience and great achievements, ensures that your website design is along the lines of your business goals. We do in-depth analysis and create viable web strategies based on the latest industry trends to recreate Web Designs that DELIVER, REBRAND and maximize ROI.

"Design is not just what is looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

-Steve Jobs

At GTP, we believe that website redesign is much more than just graphics makeover and repositioning of components. It is also about improving website's usability and functionality. Our team of creative designers and expert marketers renovate your website to unlock your business true potentials. Here is how we add value to your business with our website redesign services.

  • We work for your website design with the core purpose of your Business
  • GTP helps to create intuitive user experience strategies with intelligent sites Redesign to deliver branding solutions for your business.
  • While redesigning sites, we ensure every move towards specific purpose
  • We redesign websites with unique UX-friendly layouts that convert visitors into customers. Trends & Design Innovation Unplugged!
  • Infinite Possibilities. One-Stop Solution. You get to choose from multiple design prototypes as per your website redesign requirements
  • We offer landing page optimization as an integrated part of our website redesign services that will impact your branding.
  • Intuitive UX Strategy + Website Redesign = Cohesive Branding

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GTP Philosophy for Website RedesignCrafting pixels into clean, user-friendly designs & mobile-friendly Development

Most website redesigning companies these days work towards one and one purpose alone to overwhelm visitors by putting lots of sophisticated graphics on websites. At GTP, we believe that a good design portrays simplicity, not complexity. In first look, an overwhelming
design might catch a few eyes, but in long run an intuitive design is what works.

GTP offers perfect blend of appealing design and intuitive functionality with its website redesign services that is sure to perform wonders for businesses. And all this is clearly depicted in the projects we have worked on in past.

GTP - E-commerce Website RedesignImprove UX to Boost sales

Does your current website provide an easy buying process?

With a fine hold on UX design, GTP's experts know how to direct your customers to the buying process. By making your website intuitively navigable, we provide your visitors a seamless way to go about the site, contact you, and buy your products & services easily.

E-commerce websites can't rely on their product listing alone. The way products are displayed on these portals also has a major impact on customers' buying decision. Especially, on impulse buyers.

Consider your own experience with a website with an old-style layout. Not only it looks unappealing, but gives a feeling that the website has not been updated for a long time. Why would anyone like to buy things there?

Another major issue to fix in this context is cart abandonment. Your website should offer a seamless checkout process that enables users to make purchase easily in few clicks. Additionally, no breathing space on the product listing page also makes it harder for users to begin with the buying process. We Create designs which simply appealing to audiences worldwide.

Website Redesign for Mobile UsersIf It Ain't Mobile, It Ain't Hit

If you are going for a website redesign, then make sure to have it responsive as well. Irrespective of the nature of your business and industry, you must have your website optimized for mobile devices. Having a non-responsive website means ignoring your mobile user which could turn out to be a huge loss for your business.

Is current responsive version of your website
providing good experience to mobile users?

Having a responsive website is only the half solution. The responsive version of your website MUST work flawlessly across digital devices with different screen sizes. All the important information and sections should be visible to users. Just a few small changes can make a big difference sometimes, even quick website updates.

Get your website pitch perfect across all screen sizes.

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GTP - UX Redesign Engage Users, Increase Conversion

Nobody stays on sites with outdated UX designs and patterns. GTP's expert designers, with their knowhow of latest UX design trend, make your website look and feel fresh to engage users, which ultimately improve your conversion and sales.

From our experience, GTP is the No.1 UX Designing Company in Bhubaneswar, India.

GTP offers Complete Satisfaction With its website redesign services

  • Analyse
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Support

First off, our experienced business analysts prepare a rough wire frame for your website's redesign depending on the points where your website design is going off the track from your business model.

In constant collaboration with business analyst team, our creative designers prepare PSD files by adding their own artistic touch to produce an overall enhanced layout for your website.

After discussing feasibility of added features, our developers take charge of project, & begin creating scripts as per your specific requirements by updating with the technical team.

We thoroughly examine your site's design & functionality with extensive testing approach to omit any flaws present in it.

Once, we are sure from our end that your website is pitch perfect from every perspective, from business to design to functionality, we make it live after taking feedback from you.

Besides a satisfactory delivery, we also offer a 1 year technical support on all our projects at no extra cost, given that our delivered files are not edited by any third party.

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