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Why Bother With
Security Testing Service?

Security testing is a process intended to reveal flaws in the security mechanisms of an information system that protect data and maintain functionality as intended. Due to the logical limitations of security testing, passing security testing is not an indication that no flaws exist or that the system adequately satisfies the security requirements. It's all about simulates an attack on IT System. During the testing our team attempt to find and exploit vulnerability to determine what information and access is able to be gained. This is designed to mimic the actions of an attacker exploiting weakness in network security without the usual risk. With the increase of hacking targets it's impossible to do online businesses, So it's common thing to be worried about security testing services. When you start bothering about security then GTP is the name which comes to your mind for best security testing services.

Ethical Hacking Services offered by GTP, The Infosec Company in India

Today ethical hacking is an established practice that is used worldwide to evaluate security controls of all types.

  • Internal Infr. Testing
  • External Infr. Testing
  • Web Apps Pentesting
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Mobile Pentesting
  • Code Review

Internal Infrastructure Testing

GTP's internal infrastructure penetration testing and security assessment utilizes a risk-based approach to manually identify critical infrastructure vulnerabilities that exist on targeted, internal systems within scope. The primary goals of this assessment are to::

  • Provide management with an understanding of the level of risk from malicious
    users connected to the internal network.
  • Provide recommendations and details to facilitate a cost-effective and
    targeted mitigation approach.
  • Create a basis for future decisions regarding your information security
    strategy and resource allocation.
  • We execute a real-world attack on critical infrastructure and
    understand the level of risk that exists at a single moment in time.
  • We complement your automated scanning appliance to better identify and
    validate all security vulnerabilities associated with most critical internal systems.
  • We understand the level of risk for your organization compared to similar companies.

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External Infrastructure Testing

External infrastructure assessments aim to answer the question, ‘could an attacker compromise our internet-facing resources. External infrastructure testing explores the consequences of a hacker carrying out malicious activities from across the internet. GTP’s methodology can be tailored to meet the requirements of PCI, ISO 27001, and the CHECK IT Health Check service.

  • Vulnerability Identification – using a variety of scanning techniques
    we accurately identify your systems and services that are open to the Internet.
  • Firewall Misconfiguration – the results of these scans allow us to identify holes within
    your firewall configuration that can be abused by remote attackers.
  • Version Enumeration – Version information is gathered about your software and
    operating systems.
  • Information Leakage – Information leaked form your systems is used to
    tune attacks so they have a higher success rate of working.
  • Vulnerability Exploitation – Using the software and OS version gathered, vulnerabilities are
    identified to determine the possible attack vectors to compromise your systems remotely.
  • Exploitation – These vulnerabilities are triggered using exploit databases, open source exploit
    frameworks and commercial exploit packages to compromise your systems.
  • Brute Force Attacks – Administration ports and web interfaces are identified. Customised login attempts are
    automated to compromise accounts with weak or common passwords. This can provide access to user/admin
    web accounts or even provide full control over your network traffic.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Web applications play a vital role in every modern organization. But, if your organization does not properly test and secure its web apps, adversaries can compromise these applications, damage business functionality, and steal data. Unfortunately, many organizations operate under the mistaken impression that a web application security scanner will reliably discover flaws in their systems.

  • Logistics and controls is an important yet often overlooked component of delivering
    quality penetration tests
  • We begin all penetration tests with a combination of Social and
    Technical reconnaissance
  • Once initial social and technical reconnaissance tasks are
    complete, GTP enters an analysis stage.
  • Once sufficient intelligence has been gathered GTP begins
    penetration efforts.
  • The purpose of Network Penetration Testing is to identify the presence
    of points where a threat (defined by the hacker) can align with existing risks to achieve penetration.
  • The safety of a service depends on the expertise of the team delivering the services, and on the state and stability of the target(s).

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Vulnerability Assessment

Increased online transactions and data theft instances makes security testing almost a necessity. We make sure that confidential data remains secure by:

  • Conducting website checkup for common security loopholes
  • Authentication and authorization testing
  • Examining business logics, data validation, & session management
  • Sharing suggestions to avoid industry specific & admin security threats
  • Preventing access to website through unethical ways
  • Ensuring security of important data and online transactions
  • Examining website for spoofing, URL manipulation, XSS, & SQL injection
  • Testing website for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Penetration testing and ethical hacking

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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Rapid growth of mobile search makes it important to check your website’s performance on smaller devices. FATbit team perfects user experience of mobile applications by:

  • Testing app functionality across multiple mobile devices & OS
  • Selecting appropriate simulators and emulators
  • Checking content adaptability & visual appeal on multiple devices
  • Conducting UX and navigation testing on multiple devices
  • Testing for non-functional cases like battery usage & installation
  • Checking load time on multiple mobile OSs & performance analysis
  • Conducting security testing for mobile applications
  • Using open source and paid mobile automation tools for testing

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Code Security Review

ode review is an examination of computer source code. It is intended to find and fix mistakes introduced into an application in the development phase, improving both the overall quality of software and the developers' skills. Code review procedures are done in various forms, such as pair programming, informal walk through and formal inspections.

  • Automated tool based/ Black Box: In this approach, the secure code
    review is done using different open source/commercial tools. 
  • Manual/ White Box: In this technique, a thorough code
    review is performed over the whole code, which may become a very tedious
    and tiresome process. 
  • Effort benefit: The effort to fix the vulnerabilities in the earlier
    stage of the SDLC process is much less than the later stage of the process. 
  • Cost benefit: Cost is directly proportional to effort required.
    Not only development cost, but also, a vulnerability identified in
    the production environment may involve more costs.
  • Compliance: Some compliance, such as PCI, makes it necessary to do
    a secure code review before launching the product. So an organization following
    complete SDLC has better chance of being certified.

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Ethical Hacking Services is Our Mission

Hackers no longer use conventional tools and techniques to breach your security. They have become more sophisticated by being signature & behaviour independent. Our web protection protocol fails their stealth by updating itself in real time. We Identify, Localize, Analyse, Isolate & finally Eliminate your web space vulnerabilities. We secure your business. GTP is a trusted standard for companies that need to protect their brands, businesses & dignity from debilitating cyber attacks. We are a select group of cyber security analysts who lay bare before you the concealed faces . We Teach, Analyse, Train & Re-mediate. We deliver easy-to-use web security products & services, both generic & customized to keep your web-resources protected. 

dedicated website testing team

1. Authorization

You authorize us to scan your website and digital assets for possible vulnerabilities. You need not provide us the source code or any authentication tokens. We therefore have as much access to your website as anyone else.

Software testing Strategy Creation & Planning

2. Scanning & Analysis

We Scan your Servers, Websites, Networks and other Digital Assets to assess the vulnerabilities against the threats present in the Cyber Eco System across the globe. Our experience tells us that on most occasions, the digital assets of a company have been quietly breached.

black-box and white-box test design techniques

3. Identification of Vulnerability

No organisation in today's world can remain cocooned in false comfort that its cyber sources are safe. Leading companies like Yahoo, CITI Group, IBM, HP etc have been compromised. Over 90% of our scans throw up vulnerabilities which with some corrective diligence can secure your businesses.

Mobile Application Testing Services

4. Actionable Reporting

The identification and analysis of vulnerabilities is quickly translated into a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Report. GTP VAPT Reports, as our name, are lucid, pragmatic and provide definitive prescriptions to the client team. 

Website Performance testing Services

5. Fortifying, Patching & Monitoring

With the answers provided by VAPT in hand, you can now proceed to patching these vulnerabilities & fortifying your digital assets against future incursions. Our team patches the reported vulnerabilities on its own and if required, we validate it and also we provide training & partnering services to your IT Team for the present patching needs & for future capacity building. GTP offers a sustained hand holding and security partnering model by way of "surveillance and monitoring" services.

Our services attempt to address the exploitable loopholes of your web space thereby checking its vulnerabilities to determine whether any unauthorized access to key systems, files or databases can be achieved by the unscrupulous users. We are working to bring the best solution on Ethical Hacking Services.

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Ethical Hacking Solutions for Every Industry

Web Applications have recorded a huge growth in the recent time. Almost every organization present around wishes to have its business and management online for quick and effective business processes. The risk and concern over the security of the web applications have grown along its popularity. The web applications may expose customer information, financial data and other sensitive and confidential data if not configured properly. Ensuring that web applications are secure is a critical need for organizations today. GTP always there to provide our solution from small to big industry with our wide range IT Security Services in India & spreading our Services in US, UK, Australia, Dubai, Qatar, Canda, Malaysia etc.

  • Real Estate

  • Health

  • Technology

  • eCommerce

  • Transportation

  • Education

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  • Entertainment

Find Holes Now Before Somebody else Does

With multi-tier network architecture, custom applications & heterogeneous server platform environments, keeping data & information assets secure is more difficult than ever. Coupled with this added complexity is the faith that criminal organization has organized their hacking efforts to break into your network. Although there are many ways to secure system & apps the only way to truly know how secure you are used to test your self. We never care about platforms you are using. We can work with any type of platforms.

  • browser testing services provider
  • Responsive website testing services

Why outsource Ethical Hacking Services to GTP?

GTP is counted amongst the top website & ethical hacking services companies, has gained recognition for scientific testing processes & securing techniques. Global brands are outsourcing their ethical hacking projects to GTP for following reasons;

  • Experience Software tasting team

    Vast Testing Experience

    GTP is the leading IT Security Company provides wide range of Ethical Hacking & Testing Services.

  • Experience Software tasting team

    Proven Testing Methods

    Our team of experienced IT Security experts undertakes thorough testing to make sure that no technical issue goes unnoticed.

  • Experienced Testing Engineers India

    IT Security Experts

    We have a dedicated team of certified IT Security professionals that are well versed with newest security testing methodologies, processes & techniques.

  • outsource website performance testing services

    Actionable Reports

    In addition to sharing testing findings & reports, GTP also suggests improvements that will drastically improve performance.

The ideal time to test new technology before it goes into production. Performing an IT Security Testing on new technology, applications & environments can often save time and money because it easier to test
and modify new technology while nobody is relying on it.
After performing the testing, compiling the results from the test into a legible format is a key.
As many key and that key is fully operated by us.

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