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Now days there are many Website Development Companies are present to deliver their services to all but because lack of security with their development, your website can be hacked. many websites are hacked now days as 75% websites are vulnerable to hack. so how can you trust any other company to give your valuable projects? Think Again !!

For that GTP is the answer. As we are the Leading IT Security Provider in India so it's our confident to give the best security from server side and also from our secure development methodologies. Think Again, Before choosing your web development partner !

Two critical parametersfor which websites are hacked by hackers !

Irresponsible Coding Practice

When a new website is created most of the focus is given on the design, whereas one of the most important factor is neglected or not considered which is security. If The Developers are keeping their interest to learn the new trends & Website Security Remedies then the % of hacking will be less.

Vulnerabilities in Websites & Servers

Website attacks are caused by coding flaws & failure to sanitize input & output. Vulnerabilities are not inherited.the main cause is the loop holes that are left in the coding of a website which can be attacked by an attacker & all data & private information can be ruined by them in few seconds.

There is a need of Secure Web Development
as there are thousands of websites that are under attack of snoopers.
So, what is the solution for this problem?

Solutions is Secure Development Services
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Why GTP is Best for Secure Web Development?

  • Reasons for you to choose GTP
  • Benefits when you go with GTP
  • With the increased dependency on web for information sharing & business , Websites are often under attack directly by the hackers. Thus web applications needs equal attention for security as computer networks and operating systems.
  • At GTP, we understand the importance & credibility of your online data, hence put in best to make SECURE WEB APPLICATIONS on various platforms( php , etc ) as per the security standards of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project ).We incorporate various methodologies when it comes to security like Black box testing , white box testing & Fuzzing. Web app is handed over to the client only after it clears all security checks & attack mitigation with great designing.
  • A lots of clients need IT Security services as per their business growth, but if that web apps are made by any other developers then it will take time to visualise & to implements secure measures but if we are developing with our Secure Web Development Concept then it will impact less for the requirements of IT Security Services as we are providing free IT Security Services with our 24x7 Web Monitoring services. so it will help clients to make their websites secure.
  • At GTP, We do code and architecture review done by our trained developers & IT Security Experts. so here is a great opportunity to add the security review in.
  • We clean hundreds of sites every day & often their problems are associated with the same issues: outdated and sometimes unnecessary software, weak passwords and so on. But sometimes the issue is not as superficial, sometimes it goes a bit deeper than that. You know your server is updated, your CMS is also (ie., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), yet you still get infected! How is that possible?! That's the question we hope to address in a series of posts related to developing with security in mind.For that only Our Secure Development is the best value added feature which can optimise security & on behalf of that GTP is the No. 1 Secure Web Development in India, & Spreading our Secure Development in US, UK, Dubai, Qatar, Canada etc.
  • Security is a changing world, and keeping abreast of the developments is a must. Granted, not all vulnerabilities are within the scope of the document (application security), but new ways to exploit a Web application are found often enough that subscribing to the vendor's bulletins and to the relevant mailing lists becomes a necessity.So GTP is well known for the Secure Web Development Company to provide Secure base platform in Bhubaneswar, India.
  • Secure Web Development is another major aspect to prevent data breach on the net. During Our Secure Web Development Services, several Data Security measures should be taken into account. We come to your rescue to manage all your insecurities with hi-end deliverables though our secure web development services.

Developing a website can be very easy but developing a secure website is not an easy task. Only a security analyst can know the secret of developing an error and security breaches free website. As we are the best company to provide great design plus awesome IT Security Services so that it's the best platform where our customers can get all IT Services at one place.

"As we know prevention is always better than cure. If you are going to develop a new website better search someone who can take care care of security in development phase only. This saves your time and money too.
You can always relay us for secure website development services."
GTP is incredibly responsible & fully co-operative
with our Secure Web Development Services
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