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PHP & MySQL Developer
Experience – Fresher or 1 Year.
Number of Vacancies: 5
Desired profile:

We are looking for PHP programmers having good experience on PHP & MySQL Development & Support for diverse Web based Application.

We are looking for highly talented, motivated and driven individuals with genuine passion for Web Technologies with good knowledge of PHP with open source technologies like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento with excellent command on PHP & MySQL using MVC Architecture.

You will be responsible for developing high quality web applications like custom programmed content management system, online communities, e-Commerce solutions and custom innovative projects.

Education: MCA, B.Tech or Any Graduate.

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Job Responsibilities:
  • Design websites and graphics (Including banners, advertisements, infographics, illustrationsetc) as per latest trends.
  • Hint: You can visit to see the kind of websites and graphics we are designing.
  • Learn latest tools and design styles as per the latest trends and global standards.
  • Help others better their skills and knowledge.
Experience – 2 years
Number of Vacancies: 2
Desired Profile:

You will develop algorithms, ciphers and security system to encrypt sensitive information. You will analyse and decrypt any types of hidden information (eg. encrypted data, cipher text, telecommunication protocols ) in Cryptographic Security System.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Protect important information from interception, copying, modification and or deletion.
  • Evaluate, analyse and target weakness in cryptographic security system and algorithms.
  • Design robust security system to prevent vulnerabilities.
  • Investigate, research and test new cryptology theories & applications.
  • Ensure financial data eg Credit Card, Inter Bank, ATM, online transaction etc) are securly encrypted and accessible only to authorised users.
  • Decode Cryptic message and coding systems for military, political and low enforcement agencies.
  • Develop and update methods for efficient handling of Cryptic process.
  • BS or equivalent in an IT related field
  • Experience in large scale web-hosting, SaaS or cloud.
  • Knowledge should be in Linux/Matrix algebra and discrete mathematics.
  • Principle of Symmetric & Assymetric Cryptography
Information security analyst
Experience – Fresher or 1 year
Number of Vacancies: 3
Desired Profile:

We are looking for Information Security Analyst having a lots of experience in the field of webapps penetration testing. We are also looking for highly talented, motivated and driven individuals with genuine passion for Hacking and Penetration testing with good knowledge to find out vulnerability of any information (Software, Hardware & Networks) and find creative ways to protect it.

Job Responsibility:
  • Plan, implement and upgrade security measures and controls
  • Maintain data & monitor security issues.
  • Perform vulnerability testing, risk analyses and security assesments
  • Conduct internal and external security audit.
  • Anticipate Security alerts, disasters and rescue their likehood.
  • Manage network, information detection & prevention system.
  • Analyse security breaches to determine their root cause.
  • Define, implement & maintain corporates security policies
  • Establish plans & protocols to protect digital files and information system against unauthorised access, modification or destination.
  • Any Graduate
  • May have security certification like CEH, ECSA, GSEC or CISSP
Marketing Executive
Fresher's MBA (Marketing, IT, International Business)+B.Tech/Graduation (IT)
Number of Vacancies: 4
Desired Profile:

You will be primarily responsible to deliver great experience to clients pre-sales and post sales. We need a happy and intelligent marketing person to take care of this responsible profile.

This position is responsible for taking care of the new Leads generated by the business development and marketing team and working as point of contact for clients pre-sales and post sales.

You need to be fluent in Spoken and Written English and must be empowered with great Presentation and Documentation Skills.

You will work closely with sales & marketing within GTP ensuring positive contribution to the business's sales, margin, and customer satisfaction goals.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Deliver great experience to clients pre-sales and post sales
  • Business Model Analysis and Consulting Client about betterment
  • Competitors Business Model and Strategies Analysis
  • Preparing Marketing Documents/Presentations/Case Studies
  • Current challenges and problems being faced by client and Solutions suggested and being implemented
  • Making sure client is being delivered what was promised in the project agreement and client is happy
  • Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data
  • Plan and execute the online marketing components for lead gen including effective landing pages and email templates.
  • Collect Testimonials and References from clients

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