GTP- Anti Piracy Investigation Service in India
Piracy has destroyed the Domestic Market.
GTP aims to Kill Piracy.

GTP focuses on Due Diligence wherein lawyers, accountants and other professionals assess whether the terms of the proposed deal are justified and whether transaction makes sense for future. Employee Verification - It is the people inside the organizations, privy to sensitive information, who pose the greatest risk. A thorough check of employees asking not just where and when a potential employee left his previous employment, but under what circumstances. New Market Entry Evaluation, to provide the pros and cons of entering a new geographic area or market. GTP can help you identify market threats, anticipate competitor initiatives, understand their vulnerabilities and gain advantage in competitive bids. Competitive Intelligence to uncover legitimate information about competitors and device proactive and relative market responses.

Supplier and Vendor Integrity whether it is threatened. If employees seek to enrich themselves by taking gratuities from vendors, if they are getting commissions on every item that goes out of the factory etc. Eventually, according to GTP, this sort of thing hurts your bottom line. Pre-transaction Intelligence, wherein we use our unique expertise to uncover any hidden issues about an acquisition. This gives a better idea to the company of exactly what kind of relationship you are exerting. From shadowing to tailing, from strategic publicity campaigns to financial capabilities of competitors, we can help you maintain control of your rightful property as well as assess losses and recover damages wherever possible.
GTP is the best Anti Piracy Investigation Service Provider in India.

This service exclusively deals in investigation and identification of all such people Restoring to Piracy, further we also undertake the assignment to register the Criminal cases against such people with the legal authority.

GTP is the Anti Piracy Investigator in India with huge experience to help our customers. We are standing forward to stop piracy in all over India.

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Have a look, the types of Anti Piracy Services

  • Grey Market Evaluation

    To compile and precisely analyse relevant data about counterfeiting and fraud from grey market situations..

  • Multi-jurisdictional Raid
    GTP provides the best Server Data Recovery Services from all servers/ NAS boxes/ SAN Boxes having any RAID levels..

  • Pretext Purchases
    GTP devise and implement pretext purchases & sting operations against counterfeiters & associated companies.

  • Permanent Monitoring
    GTP place your trademarks & brands on a 'watch-list' & alert you to sightings of suspected counterfeit or grey market product.

  • Litigation support
    We provide intelligence support for administrative, civil lawsuits & private criminal prosecutions against counterfeiters.

GTP has emerged as a Global Leader in Anti-Piracy Investigation Services in Bhubaneswar, India. We are looking for the company to tie-up with our Data Recovery Services to spread at your place.

Don't let your problem to be solved from immature Anti-Piracy Investigation Service Provider. We are here to implement our strategy for the Anti-Piracy Solution.

Take the advantage of our Anti-Piracy Services
and feel free to do your business withour piracy.

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