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our Game Development courses is a 4 month course programme for people who want to learn to use their artistic creativity in designing games. Game design is one of 2015's fastest growing industries. Graduates can work as UI/UX developers, social game designers, mobile game designers, web designers and apps developers, among others. After our Game Development Course you will create games in teams in a studio style setting, develop your graphical style and express your stories through games. By the end of the programme you will have developed an interactive portfolio that will show off your creative works. we conduct Game Development courses in Bhubaneswar. Not only in Bhubaneswar but also we are providing our training on game development in Kolkata, Pune, New Delhi & every places in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai etc through online training platform. Its been a tremendous experience for GTP of creating talented pool of game developers for the Indian gaming industry. A world class gaming education, right here in India. This is the vision and the dream behind GTP, India's Top most game development training provider. GTP is growing by keeping in mind the growing need for gaming professionals in the areas of game development, art, design and testing. GTP aims to identify high quality talent and offers the cutting edge training required for individuals to make their mark in gaming worldwide. Celebrating the passion for gaming that is widespread among young people in India today, GTP attempts to convert this enthusiasm into hard core talent. We just provide a platform to learn about this emerging industry and helps individuals prepare for a glittering career.

We certify the possession of the practical skills in Game Development,
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Our Game Development Training basically
helps our students on two simple principles:

  • Across the world, the Gaming Industry has taken billions by storm. Gaming is a fantastic symbol of the new world in which we live. Gaming is seriously a fun business. From classrooms to boardrooms, from hardcore shooters to the simplest game on your mobile, gaming is everywhere and it just keeps on growing!! We just support the growing path.

  • Game development today is a huge industry in the US alone and India has more than a finger in this lucrative pie. This is where the Indian game developers, animators and testers with their world-class quality and game development experience step in. The rapid growth of the market is a sign of great things to come. The future of India's game development community begins now.

Worldwide, the gaming Industry is changing the DNA of the entertainment economy.
To prepare for a career in the Gaming industry, you need to be ready to jam with the best.The most creative minds, high end programmers and celebrated producers.
And for talent the rewards are exemplary.

GTP always here to enhance young talents in Game Development

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