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Since 2013, Global Tech Promoters has been assisting individuals and companies across the world to provide high performance reliability and efficiency. We delivered superior management software products and services that empower your customers to dramatically improve the development, deployment, integration and management of quality management software system worldwide. GTP is located in Bhubaneswar, India. GTP has it's own branding partners at Vishakhapatnam, Hydrabad, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi &: Kolkata and many more places in India.we have our excellent team of highly skilled developers, designers, testers and consultants to make us the best company among of all in India in the field of Management Software Development. It may be College Management Software, Company Management Software, e-Commerce Management Software, Library Management Software, we always there to code as per your requirements. Our domain expertise enables us to provide our customers with world class solutions that improve business efficiencies and productivity.

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Everyone wins with GTP Management Software System

GTP Management System is a complete automation system that accomplishes every need of your business requirements. It helps your business to function smoothly, reduce manual error, handle critical task, data security, proper authentication, user management, accuracy and easy to handle through our system. We are providing the three major user management platform in our management softwares.


In GTP Management Software the administrator is the owner who manages the software to dealing with his/her business. As per the management software category the administrator will operate and do all the possibilities work by managing portal.

Authorised Users

As per the administrator's action the authorised users are made. It is for the use of accountants, librarians, managers, doctors etc. They will work in their required privileges given by Administrator.

Registered Users

The users are going through registration process with their required details to be the registered users. They may be the students, buyers for e-Commerce, doctors, any visitors. As per the user management system they will perform their action.

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Different Types of Management Software

GTP deals with all types of back-end management software with fully functionality, user base, proper security and great technical support. GTP management software are featured as per your requirements with the best quality as you should feel the difference among of all, when you will use the software. From our client's views we got the response as the best management software development company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha & spreading our management software services in US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, Europe etc.

GTP - College Management Software

GTP is one of the best Software Development Company in Bhubaneswar. We have designed a College Management Software keeping in mind the requirements of colleges and their requirements. Our college management software, which is tried and tested with lots of our virtual clients across Odisha. With the use of our college management software almost all departments within education industry can be synchronized and accessed. Our College management software can easily bridge the gap between faculties and students by allowing them online access to view their respective performances. GTP college management software is fully functional for engineering colleges, UGC based Govt. colleges, Private colleges and International schools etc.

GTP - Hospital Management Software

GTP - Hospital Management Software, is used for computerising hospitals, clinics, pathologies etc. This is the software which is used to computerise hospital billing, inventory,patient record, accounts depts. These all functions are neatly addressed in this software. We are offering the software in both offline & online mode. It is very functional and user friendly platform for doctors, nurses, pathologist, managers, receptionist, medicine store manager etc. All the above individuals will have their own privilege to perform their own tasks as per their activity. From our experience concerned we are the No.1 Hospital Management Software provider in Odisha, and spreading our services by providing GTP - Hospital Management Software to Hospitals present in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and other places in India.

GTP - Cab Management System

GTP is now offering all you need to establish a better cab management business. Cab administration is all about providing convenience to the customers to have easy bookings of their travellers. From the advance bookings to final dispatch, each and every activity is controlled with the use of GTP - Cab Management Software that facilitate all cab operators. This is an easy to use and user-friendly solution empowers businesses to have proper visibility of the locations to provide real-time availability of transports. Our ERP for Cab Management is available with web-based or cloud-hosted operating platforms. It is a highly sophisticated cab management system proposed to promote cab business in order to effectively organize bookings, dispatch, vehicles availability, accounting, billing and reports generation activities.

GTP - Finance Management System

Choosing a right ERP for finance management system is such a tough job for everyone as each operation requires money to take another move. GTP is introducing a comprehensive cloud hosted as well as web-based ERP solution to completely resolve the problem of managing activities based on finance. Entire system is segregated in various modules that further help in integrating the business's financial operations in a single unified platform. GTP - Finance management system assists business in accelerating sales, accounting, expense and revenue related operations to enhance the overall financial performance of a firm. Achievement of this application is that everyone can simply connect and work individually from a centralized database system consists of sales, cash flow and customer related data.

GTP - e-Commerce Management System

GTP develops scalable and secure commerce solutions that leverage leading eCommerce platforms. We understand how online shopping works. We understand the eCommerce strategies that help businesses deliver a great online shopping experience and lead customers to complete orders. We develop and deploy systems and solutions that help the companies manage all aspects of their product cataloguing and order fulfilment.
GTP - eCommerce solutions include Designing and deploying portals for enterprise collaboration, Dynamic product catalogue with layered navigation, product search capabilities, Shopping cart and wish-lists, Custom checkout and one-step checkout, Payment gateway integrations, Logistics and shipping integration, Offers and banner management and Internet marketing support.

For Affiliates

Affiliates in GTP - eCommerce Management System can be an individual or entity that helps in bringing more traffic to the deals portal. Affiliates are rewarded with commission or percentage of sale whenever conversion happens through them. Website owners normally play the role of affiliates. We are providing affiliate management base to the e-Commerce Solutions in our value added services.

For Representatives

Representatives in GTP - eCommerce Management System bring business to the portal and also help merchants in framing the right deal. Along with looking for new businesses to partner with, they also decide whether the merchants offerings have a market with their subscribers base or not. We are providing representative management base to the e-Commerce Solutions in our value added services.

Extra Value Added Services for e-Commerce Solutions

GTP is the best e-Commerce solution in Bhubaneswar, provides extra benefits and value added services to our clients. If they need referral program, wallet system, coupon base, recharge integration, we have all solutions with the best implementation to
your e-Commerce business.Anything you want for your e-Commerce business,
GTP is the best place to deal with to get best services in Odisha.

Easy Voucher integration

Simplifying voucher integration to your e-Commerce is quite interesting to get more business and unique approach from your customers. Therefore, GTP has the best coupon integration features that make the whole process super simple.

Secure Payment Platform

Ensuring secure payments is top priority for the makers of GTP - e-Commerce solution. Hence, we took additional care while integrating payment gateways and also raised the bar of data security.

Simplified Accounting

Unlike other group buying clones, GTP - eCommerce solution has been integrated with powerful accounting features to help website admin track profit, expenses and other monetary aspects with ease.

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