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Workshops have been the identity of Global Tech Promoters, It's the priority of us to get the high level success with our brand name. Our workshop has gathered mass popularity and has received heartening appreciation from the leaders of both the teaching fraternity and industry stalwarts. Our Workshop is provided on Ethical Hacking with the name of Glo-Hack Workshop. We are committed to improve and better ourselves as time goes by and provide you with the finest workshop experience in numerous career fields.We aim to cater the best colleges of Engineering, Computer Education in Bhubaneswar or any place in India and impart them with maximum knowledge, skills, training and expertise in their area of interest. We follow a rotation policy that is based on the competitiveness of the college and the quality of students present. We endeavour that our output does not compromise on either the quantity or the quality grade with our Ethical Hacking Workshop.

We Provide Workshops on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security, whose course curriculum is specially designed by pioneer cyber security experts from all over India. We have elaborated the Course Content & made it as per expectations & requirement of students & professionals. We ensure that you will find our Workshop beneficial for your students career prospects. If you have any queries kindly get back to us. We are looking forward to a quick and positive response and a long term association with your esteemed institutions.

With the positive feedback and response we have got by conducting workshops and other training programs successfully across India, we aim to spread our wings on similar lines and impart similar workshops which are school-student oriented. As such workshops would help the students achieve greater career heights and make the right kind of professional decisions. We are providing Ethical Hacking Workshop not only in Bhubaneswar but also in Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi etc. Now we are spreading our Ethical Hacking Workshop in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, Australia, Canada etc.

"If you wanna know how not secure you are, just take a look around.
Nothing's secure. Nothing's safe. We need to solve, specially Security,
That's only happen because of Ethical Hackers"

Learn The Way to Secure by Hacking it yourself
with GTP's Ethical Hacking Workshop, GloHack Workshop

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Why It’s Important to Learn Ethical Hacking

  • By learning how to hack, the information security expert can take preventive security practices to the next level.
  • It’s as much about finding and fixing security vulnerabilities as it is anticipating them.
  • Ethical hacking is like regularly checking for vulnerabilities in and around the fence, so you can reinforce weak areas before anyone tries to get in. And go with the new updation required for the system.
  • If you understand how the system works, it’s easier to think of ways to exploit the system.
  • It’s possible to start your career in ethical hacking, cyber security to prove your knowledge.
  • You’ll be able to pre-emptively resolve issues by learning the methods of hackers use to infiltrate systems.
  • Wide range of demand for Ethical Hackers & Cyber Security Experts in India gives you the better potential to be the next Cyber Protector of India by getting opportunity to work with any company.

If anyone is looking forward to be the next Ethical Hacker then feel the imagination with our technology by joining GTP - Ethical Hacking Workshop program in Bhubaneswar, India.

Still wondering how simple step of yours by joining our training program, can lead to huge success of your life by making your career in IT Security.

As we are the leading brand of IT Security Services so, it's our process to give the Ethical Hacking & IT Security benefits with the reallity to our students. GTP is the first IT Security Service provider in Odisha & with that we just introduced our training session to gather the students to teach the real hacking stuffs and find the better student from that to give the opportunity to work with us on several IT Security & Penetration Testing Projects in Bhubaneswar.So from our Combinational Approach of training and service give more impact to our students.

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Are you looking for the Best Ethical Hacking Workshop Provider in India? Looking for Cyber Security Workshop in India? Then GTP is the answer for all types of Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Workshop queries over Internet !!!

Why GTP is best for Ethical Hacking Workshop ?

We have trained over 4000+ individuals across the globe ranging from students to security experts through our Workshop program across India.

Our CEO & Founder, Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, The Ethical Hacker from India, got the acknowledgement as Security Researcher by Top Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Sony , Blackberry, Inflectra, Bitcasa, Get Pocket, Apptentive, Sellfy, Moment and many more.

We are working on the projects concerned for the ethical hacking services like Web apps Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, IT Security Servicess. We are also working with Odisha Police to solve Cyber Crime Cases. so it's easier for us to spread the knowledge and teach with the practical aspects of Professional Ethical Hacking & to give the potential to build the career in this field with great knowledge.Our Certification provides you better opportunity to optimize your carrer in the field of IT Security. As we are the Business Partners of many IT Security Companies, so it's easier to get job for our students in the field of IT Security. For that GTP is considered as the No. 1 Ethical Hacking Workshop Provider in Bhubaneswar,India and spreading Hacking training series to all other places like Visakhapatnam, Mumbai, Ahemadabad, New Delhi etc.

GTP - Ethical Hacking Workshop Course Content Overview

Contents Standard Advance
Global Introduction :
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Terminology
  • Types of Hackers
  • Information Security Attributes
  • Fundamentals of Servers
  • Methodology of Hacking
  • OS, Tools & Framework Concepts
  • Intro to Penetration Testing
  • Intro to Vulnerability Research
Footprinting & Reconnaissance
  • Footprinting Ideology
  • Passive Attacks & It's Tools
  • Active Attacks & It's Tools
  • Google Hacking
  • Dork Listing
  • Useful Dorks
  • Enumeration
Global Anonymous :
  • Proxy Server
  • VPN
  • Socks
  • RDP
  • HTTP Tunnling
  • SSL Proxy
  • Spoofing IP Address
System Hacking
  • Batch Programming Concepts
  • Windows Login Password Hacking
  • Magic Apps Development
  • Notepad Tricks
  • Operating System Formalities
    ( Backtrack & Kali Linux )
  • BIOS Password Bypassing
Facebook Hacking :
  • Facebook Bug & Bounty Concept
  • Facebook Tips & Tricks
  • Phishing
  • Tabnapping
  • Keylogging
  • Facebook Bugs
OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
Mobile Hacking
  • Mobile Platform Vulnerability & Risk
  • App Sandboxing Issue
  • Call Spoofing
SQL Injection
  • UNION Based SQL Injection
  • String Based SQL Injection
  • XPATH SQL Injection
  • ERROR Based SQL Injection
  • Duplicate Entry SQL Injection
  • Blind SQL Injection
Cross Site Scripting ( xss ) :
  • Introduction to XSS
  • Types of XSS
  • Finding XSS Using Dorks
  • Non Persistent XSS
  • Persistent or Stored XSS
Usefull Vulnerabilities
  • Cross Site Request Forgery CSRF
  • HTTP Parameter Pollution
  • Parameter Manipulation
  • Secure Socket Layer ( SSL )
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • Directory Traversal or LFI
  • URL Redirection
Intro to Bug Bounty
Intro to Backtrack
Wireless Hacking
Intro to Spy Technology
Free Cyber Security Awareness
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As per current studies, The Demand of Ethical Hackers ?

  • Cybercrime is increasingly on the rise. According to a report India lost 8 bn$ in 2011 due to cyber crime & is ranked 5th in e-commerce breaches. Govt of India has also recognized the need for building capability to fight against hackers & as a result also rolled out India's 1st cyber security policy in 2013. According to NASSCOM, India requires about 5 Lakh ethical hackers while Forbes has ranked Ethical Hacking as the no.2 high paying jobs of the future.
  • Every Company needs security professionals.They are the safe guard for the company data & infrastructure. Software Companies needs developers with the knowledge of secure coding techniques.As per as the Job market is concerned, experts agree that the opportunities in this field will increase exponentially, and the market demand is more than 10 times the current supply. So It's easier to grow your career in the field of Ethical Hacking & IT Security.
  • Global Tech Promoters, is the rising star & upcoming brand in Ethical Hacking & IT Security Services, so it's easier for the Ethical Hackers & Our students who will join our Workshop program, as they can enhance their knowledge on IT Security with latest techniques. As Because of huge demand, students can increase the interest to take India towards huge success in IT Security field. GTP is the best choice for organiser on Ethical Hacking Workshop Program in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Cyber Threats are increasing day by day. You may be the next Target.If you want to stops hackers from invading the network, first you've to invade their mind. So Learn Ethical Hacking from our Workshop, & Defeat Hackers in their own game & Be The Ethical Hacker !!


Student Benefits

GTP provides Ethical Hacking toolkit, Authorized Certificate, 15% Discount on GTP others Courses. From the Workshop Session we will choose 5 students those are getting to go with free internship at our Office premises. We think for the advancement of knowledge & increment of student's career.


Unlimited Practical Sessions

We Believe in Practical concepts, as the students can enhance their skills. Practical for Hacking is more important than Theory.With rapidly developing IT & allied Industries, Skill Development is the need of today and we at GTP understand it very well by making our training session with practical entities.


Highly Experienced Trainer

Our Founder, The Leading Ethical Hacker, Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, who got acknowledgement from Facebook, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony and many companies and trained 3000+ Students will give the training. so it's the best part for you to get huge knowledge from him.We have also other Experienced trainers those are guided by Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath too.


Objectives of Workshop

our main objectives are to provide hands on training on Ethical Hacking & Information Security. Searching for Best Ethical Hacker by conducting National Level Competitions. Trying to Create awareness about Ethical Hacking & Information Security. Trying To Help Gov organizations by helping them to secure their websites/networks. also responsible for the Placement of that College's Students.


Who Could Attend ?

College students seeking career in Cyber Security Industry must join this workshop to learn basic and enhance their path. Person having interest in Hacking & Security, Education Faculty & Staff can also join.IT Professionals, Web Developers, Network Engineers, Students from any branch can attend the workshop. Oour Ethical Hacking Workshop is for all.

GTP is founded by Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, The Leading Ethical Hacker in India, with the keen motive of Spreading awareness about the Information Security & Safeguarding the upcoming Future of India from Digital Frauds.

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