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A website that not only showcases products/services but reflects your company values, philosophy, culture and policy too is the one we call ‘Corporate Website’. Besides presenting your business on World Wide Web, it shoulders the responsibility of establishing your company as a brand. This is the foremost principle that we stick to while making website for our corporate clients.

Since the target audience for corporate websites is larger, it becomes a challenge to cater to various users at one time. GTP makes it possible by building a framework that not only communicates with your target customers but also complements your corporate identity by establishing you as a brand. that brand will give more strength to your business.

Having worked for leading corporate throughout the world GTP specializes in corporate website design services and holds a knack to deliver business web page design that are most functional and persuasive. GTP is the best Corporate Web Solutions provider in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We are working for the choice of our customers.

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Our Working Achievements gives us the potential to be the best IT Company in Odisha. GTP holds the competence of developing top notch web designs at affordable prices. Our distinctive approach for each project can be explored through our work that displays an account of diverse projects handled uniquely.and we deliver as per the guideline mentioned during the project dealings.

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Our Corporate Website Design Services include

Research- “Learn before you Plan”

A significant Market research is carried out by GTP's experts to identify your Products/services. It helps in analysing the apt positioning of your brand over web. Without discovering substantial facts about a business it is nearly impossible to create a niche for its online venture.

Not just the product and services but studying behaviours of target consumers and marketing trends is equally important for a corporate web design agency that aims to meet the industrial standards of corporate world. Scientific research measures are used by GTP to identify target visitors and competitors before taking a website design to another level. It lays the foundation for next steps that follow research phase of an online business website design.

marketing research for corporate websites
User experience design for business websites

Architecture Planning and User Experience Design – “Set Proportions as per users Dimensions

The information support of a business web page acts like its nerve centre so we pay adequate attention towards Information Architecture. Making it user friendly is the job that our analysts put to action with their technical know-how and sound Planning. It is not just the text or image that draws more people to a site, rather a combination of it based on technical functionality attracts more and relevant users.

User friendly Information Architecture and Navigation Flow Planning is the key to create a corporate website. GTP takes into account the preferences of target audience to offer them the best user experience after learning about the demographic that impacts their browsing behaviour and individual preferences.From your User views, GTP is the best UX/ UI Web Designing company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and spreading our UX/ UI Design in New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai & other places in India.

Crafting Responsive websites giving optimal viewing experience to online visitors is the responsibility that GTP shoulders as a Corporate Website Design company. Adding easy navigation that facilitates reading/viewing enhances user experience by eliminating the discomfort of resizing and scrolling over various devices like mobiles, tablets, monitors, laptops etc. Flexible images, faster loading, CSS3 media queries and proportionate grid add to functionality that comforts users and facilitates business. It is our priority to take care of all these rules while designing a business site.

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Branding and Corporate Identity-
“Your brand is your identity so don't turn blind eye to it”

Everything from a logo to business envelop is of great value to your business as it stands for your identity among your target customers and competitors. Our designing team keeps an eagle eye that brings out the difference in their corporate designs whether it is a letter head, brochure, theme, graphics, videos or presentation.

Giving an environment to your target consumer is essential in order to establish and maintain your corporate identity. Creating social media pages is one of the activities that control social variables i.e. the influence of friends and communities. GTP believes that a design that would remain in viewers memory is crucial for a successful corporate website design.
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corporate business branding
Social media marketing for corporate brands

Community Building and Social Media Marketing-
“Your website’s Necessity for connectivity”

Any brand that aspires to maintain its customers loyalty cannot afford to miss the social platforms integrated with their business web page design. We put enough stress on Social Media to add more online visibility to client’s business website. All branding and marketing efforts on social networks bring significant traffic that a corporate website needs to have. Another way of strengthening it is creating forums and Blogs, where the users can connect and share their comments, feedbacks. Social Media Marketing creates awareness about your brand quicker than any other internet tool. The information you share on your blog page or social network profiles spreads like fire from one to another user, as they are linked through a common platform. These platforms being third party source also add significant amount of credibility to your brand.

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